1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge

Displacement: 3,496 cc
Horsepower: 375 bhp @ 8,250 rpm
Engine Torque: 268 ft lb @ 6,000 rpm
Top Speed: 186 mph
0 - 60 mph: 4.6 seconds

Though it shared almost every dimension with its predecessor, the somewhat unpopular 348, the F355 was in fact, an almost entirely new car, rather than just a restyling exercise. It received a positively rapturous reception when launched, prompting legendary racing driver, Paul Frere, upon testing one for Road & Track magazine, to pronounce it 'the purest purebred yet, from Ferrari's scuderia' and that it had 'probably the best sports car engine ever made.' With its F1 inspired flat bottom, complete with downforce inducing airflow channel, it was in fact so good, that it beat its big brother, the 512TR, by two seconds around Ferrari's test track at Fiorano (much to the embarrassment of some of Maranello's top brass). It therefore was the perfect choice for the next phase of the then fledgling, Ferrari Challenge Series.

The Ferrari Challenge series is a single-marque racing championship that was created so that Ferrari owners could become involved in motor racing. It started in 1993 with the 348 Challenge and then progressed to the F355 Challenge in 1995. Each one of these started out as a standard Berlinetta (coupe), which was then modified with a factory supplied kit of performance accessories (at an additional cost to the customer of some $30,000!!). However, the next car in the Challenge series, the 360 Challenge (and also every subsequent Challenge car) was only available with the F1 paddle shift transmission, a move bemoaned by many racing purists and one that has therefore only heightened the appeal and demand for the F355 version. Thrilling to drive on the track and easily maintained, with no complicated computer controls or electronic shifting, these superb, factory built racecars are destined to be one of the most sought after racing machines from Maranello.

This particular 355 was campaigned extensively (and very successfully) in the North American Challenge Series, from 1997 to 2000. With many first places across the country, throughout its career, it was actually 1st overall, in the 2000 season!

What makes this car even more special however, is the fact that it is titled for road use. A total of just 108 F355 Challenge cars were built (18 of which were right hand drive), making them extremely rare, but finding a road legal example, with a US title, is far rarer still (possibly, one of only two such cars in the US and one of only ten worldwide).

This therefore, represents an unparalleled opportunity to purchase not only one of the rarest examples of the last manual transmission, Ferrari Challenge cars, but also a championship-winning one with a superb racing history!

1997 Ferrari F355 Challenge USA:
Driver: Carlos Hank Jr.
Sebring March 15-16, 5th
Texas World Speedway April 26-27, Race One-1st Place, Race Two-2nd Place
Sears Point May 16-17, 1st Place
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve June 13-15, 2nd
Lime Rock August 1-2, Race One-2nd Place, Race Two-1st Place
Las Vegas Motor Speedway September 18-20, 4th
Ferrari Challenge International Finals, Pergusa, Italy November 7-9
Race One-6th Place, Race Two-5th Place
USA Championship 3rd Place (1670 pts)

1998 Ferrari F355 Challenge USA:
Driver: Carlos Hank Jr.
Lime Rock June 26-27, Race One-1st Place, Race Two-6th Place
Road Atlanta August 1-2, Race One-4th Place, Race Two-3rd Place
Pikes Peak September 19-20, 18th Place

1999 Ferrari F355 Challenge USA:
Color changed to Argento, car number 69
Driver: Christian Briggs
Willow Springs March 5-7, 11th Place
Sebring March 19-21, 9th Place
Homestead April 16-18, Race One-19th Place, Race Two-15th Place, Enduro-3rd Place
Lime Rock June 25-27, Race One-16th Place, Race Two-14th Place, Enduro-8th Place
Road Atlanta August 6-8, Race One-7th Place, Race Two-18th Place, Enduro-5th Place
Laguna Seca October 9-10, 15th Place
USA Championship-10th Place (tie), Enduro-5th Place

2000 Ferrari F355 Challenge USA:
Driver: Christian Briggs
Homestead April 9, 1st Place
Pikes Peak April 29, 1st Place
Road Atlanta May 19, 13th Place (fastest qualifier 1:34.944/95.551mph)
Road Atlanta May 20, 1st Place
Road Atlanta May 21, Endure-11th Place
Montreal June 18, 6th Place (F355)
Lime Rock July 14th, 3rd Place
Road America August 5-6, Race One-1st Place, Race Two-1st Place
Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 23-24, Race One-2nd Place (F355), Race Two-6th Place (F355)
USA Championship 1st overall, Enduro-13th overall
World Finals Mugello, Italy December 18, 1st Place

It has just completed a full, engine-out service at a cost of over $19,000 and is consequently ready to enjoy on the road & track immediately!

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